All businesses need funds to get started.  And that will probably require you to write a business plan and possibly to pitch your plan to an investor, like a Bank or private investor.

But planning and pitching doesn’t stop there. In quite a number of business sectors there are opportunities to bid for contracts or tenders and you’ll probably be up against opposition.

To put in a winning tender you need to have a detailed understanding of the contract terms, which can be lengthy and complex.  You also need to understand the bidding process as well as getting the financial pitch right.  And you have to do all this alongside your normal day-to-day business.

At We Write Bids we can help you:

  • Interrogate the contract/tender specification
  • Assemble the required tender information
  • Write a clear and compelling pitch
  • Get the financials right

And pull all of that into a presentable document with images and graphics if required.

We can also help you put together a compelling Powerpoint presentation for when you get called to present your case.

Growth and Failure

Securing funding can create challenges as well as solving problems. It is important that your company, whether new or well established, is fully prepared for the outcomes.

We have seen organisations that have secured the investment they sought and as a result nearly failed as they had not properly planned for the changes it required. We can help you with the planning required to take on board financial growth and thrive.

Looking to start a business or grow what you have?  All you need to do is pick upthe phone and book a free no-obligation meeting.

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