“If only we had……”

It’s a common refrain. Non-profit organisations are always in need of additional funds and nearly always have exciting development plans that are just waiting for that crucial extra bit of money. There are at least seventeen ways that non-profit organisations can use to raise additional funds. It can be confusing and time consuming to decide which of these is best, who to approach and how – assuming you know of the potential sources and where to find them. However who you can apply to will also depend on the structure, status and capacity of your organisation. We have considerable experience in these areas. Whilst the need for more money is a common driving force, other factors can play a critical role in a non-profit body’s ability to raise it and to use the resources effectively. These include the organisation’s objectives, governance, skills and capacity.


Our Track Record

Fundraising is full of opportunities. We Write Bids has successfully raised funds for non-profit bodies in the arts and cultural sector requiring the completion of demanding application forms and securing match funding. We have also negotiated significant commercial sponsorship deals involving branding, profile and title rights.

Growth and Failure

Securing funding can create challenges as well as solving problems. It is important that your organisation is fully prepared for the outcomes. We have seen organisations that have secured the money they sought and as a result nearly failed as they had not planned for the changes it required. We will help you with all the planning to take on board financial growth and thrive.

Our Approach

Our preferred approach in advising non-profit bodies on fundraising is to take a holistic approach and look at your fundraising needs in the context of the whole organisation. We will look at your mission, achievements, plans and capacity. We will research the most effective sources and ways of raising the funds you need and will advise on a fundraising strategy.

We We will either write the funding bids for you or support you in writing them with a toolkit or 1:1 support.

Presentations, Coaching and Mentoring

Funding and investment bids sometimes require you to present your case. That can be nerve wracking. We have significant experience in writing and delivering presentations and can coach you in this to ensure your idea comes across in a compelling and effective way.


We can also work with you to ensure there is a successful implementation plan that ensures the money you raise is effectively used and that the monitoring and evaluation requirements that often come with grants, are met.


All of this needn’t cost you the earth. We seek to tailor our proposals to meet your current position, even if you are a start up venture.

All you need to do is phone us or email us for an initial, free no-obligation meeting.

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