Arts Council Grants For The Arts – ‘Crib Sheet’

The Arts Council’s Grants for The Arts (GFTA) online application form has got steadily harder to complete. Whilst they have provided a lot of online video and written advice, one problem is that you cannot see the questions they are asking and information they require until you get to a particular page on the online application form and sometimes you cannot get to that page until you have completed all the previous pages correctly.

It is usually easiest to collate all the information that ACE require and then fill in the online application But the ACE online process doesn’t allow you to do this.

Fortunately an artist, Rachel Dobbs, has been through all the online questions and made up a downloadable ‘crib sheet’, so you can see exactly what information the Arts Council is seeking and then compile your answers. Be warned, if the Arts Council tweak or change the application form, these ‘crib sheets’ will be out of date. But for the moment they are an extremely helpful guide.

The crib sheets are here

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